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Guerrette Mediation offers business people practical means to resolve their commercial disputes, avoid adjudication of conflicts and, within reasonable delays, reach amicable settlements on a confidential basis, without prejudice or admission and at a reasonable cost, without the need for opposing lawyers.


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Who are we?

Counsel Louise Guerrette has developed innovative mediation methods with an emphasis on effective and prompt communication, integrity, and respect of both parties.  With more than 30 years of experience as a business lawyer in Québec, elsewhere in Canada and internationally, Louise Guerrette skillfully empowers her clients to restart a conversion and consider innovative options and realistic solutions that will ultimately benefit both parties and assist them in the resolution of their dispute, without or with the presence of their respective legal counsels.

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Mediation service

Our mediation services are focused on empowering opposing parties in a process of self-determination and mutual resolution…

Facilitation service

Our facilitation services are sought upon a stalemate between parties, the threat of litigation, before or upon the filing of a grievance…

Investigations service

Guerrette Mediation also offers independent in-house investigations when impartial validation of allegations is required…

I am a retired lawyer working closely with various non-for-profit organizations. I called upon the mediation services offered by Louise Guerrette in a very complicated matter given the number of parties involved and the very sensitive nature of the issue at hand. Louise Guerrette implemented a rigorous approach. Each party was given the opportunity to communicate in a secure and collaborative forum which led to an amicable settlement. The mediation process offered by Guerrette Mediation brought about a positive change in attitudes and opened up new horizons for long term collaborations and innovation.

Louise Vaillancourt, LL.L, LL.B

A few months ago, I had the privilege of participating in a mediation governed by Louise Guerrette, Certified Mediator. Her transparent and efficient mediation process quickly created a sense of confidence and ensured productive and respectful exchanges between the dueling parties. The parties’ respective points of view were given full attention before forward-looking and realistic options and constructive solutions were analysed. The process eventually led to a viable and satisfactory agreement for all.

I have great memories of the intense hours spent seeking innovative options and solutions with the representatives of the conflicting parties, each of whom were given clear communications skills and tools, a functional work environment and schedule. Louise Guerrette made all the difference with her authenticity, her humanity and her generous intelligence.

I strongly recommend initiating a mediation process with Louise Guerrette @ Guerrette Mediation when faced with an interpersonal dispute or deadlock (especially those situations that seem hopeless) for the conflict can only be positively transformed when in contact with Louise Guerrette.

Claude Lapointe

Neurolinguistic Programming Consultant