What we do ?

Guerrette Mediation provides a wide range of preventative and alternative dispute resolution services, including: facilitation, negotiation with a Mediator’s assistance, independent and impartial investigation upon filing of a complaint or grievance, the implementation of good governance policies and procedures, pre-mediation and assistance as Legal Counsel or Mediator of business disputes relating to contracts, employment issues and claims relating to intellectual property, real estate, construction, mergers & acquisitions, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, suppliers, etc.

For whom do we do it?

Our clients are business people and their associates, shareholders, directors, officers and board of directors of non-for profit and small and large for-profit corporations, including corporations listed on stock exchanges in every business sector. Our clients appreciate the return on investment of Guerrette Mediation’s efficient and prompt ADR offering and solutions.

Mediation service

Our mediation services are focused on empowering opposing parties in a process of self-determination and mutual resolution of their dispute. We assist our clients over the phone, by videoconference and in person with the aim of enhancing the quality of their interactions so they can reach a consensus. Ultimately, the mediation process aims to transform a destructive conflict into a positive interaction which will benefit both parties and possibly lead to a definitive, confidential and irrevocable settlement which has the authority of a Court ruling or “res judicata”.


Facilitation service

Our facilitation services are sought upon a stalemate between parties, the threat of litigation, before or upon the filing of a grievance or complaint, receipt of a demand letter or a notice of litigation. In theses circumstances, Guerrette Mediation acts rapidly in order to secure a confidential forum to initiate a constructive conversation between the opposing parties, without or with the presence of their respective legal counsels.

Investigations service

Guerrette Mediation also offers independent in-house investigations when impartial validation of allegations is required in a complaint process. Our clients appreciate Louise Guerrette’s integrity, discretion and irreproachable professionalism in completing her investigations. She emphasises open dialogue and active listening so the complainants can securely and effectively communicate their preoccupations and, as well, the process often creates an opportunity for businesses to provide a more secure and motivating workplace environment. At times, good governance policies and procedures need to be developed and implemented in order to avoid, in the first place, the filing of grievances and complaints. All under the expert guidance of Guerrette Mediation.